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+39 0471 1632320
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Our hospitality comes straight from the heart.

That’s what makes our hut so unique. It is family-run and our whole team works closely together. That is one of the reasons why we enjoy working here!

Hansl is the committed manager of our hut. He looks forward to every visitor and doesn´t miss a chance to greet every guest coming to our hut personally.

Margot is the heart and soul of our hut. Her attention to detail ensures a cosy atmosphere in and around our hut.

Greta was nine months old when we first took over the hut. She loves spending the summer outdoors in the mountains – especially since her little sister was born.

Lotte follows in the footsteps of her father. She is very fond of animals, loves to help everywhere she can and to go climbing together with her sister.

Felix has been taking care of our guests for many years. He is always good for a laugh and our guests appreciate his cheerfulness.

Rakesh, our Indian chef, turns the dumplings like a true Tyrolean. The speciality of the house, however, is the specially seasoned roast goat kid, the aroma of which can be smelled from afar and is on everyone's lips.

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Our special service for you: spend the evening with a glass of South Tyrolean wine and your favourite dish on our terrace – if needed, we also provide warm blankets.


Opening hours & News

We are expected to open on 16/06/2024

Reservations are only accepted by e-mail to

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Mountain Hut GRASLEITENHÜTTE 2.165 mt

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