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The Grasleiten hut in the wild and romantic valley of the Rosengarten massif

The Grasleiten hut – for some it’s almost like a museum, for others it’s simply a quaint and comfortable retreat. The Tyrolean living room, called „Stube“ in German, dates back to 1887 and is uniquely cosy and perfectly suited for hours and hours of storytelling, playing cards and making music together.

The Grasleiten hut is a place for those seeking an idyllic repose and comfort as well as for sportspeople and musicians. Therefore, it may very well happen that such active visitors come to our hut and invite the rest of our guests to join their activities!

Our hut is a perfectly located base for several walking trails, hiking trips and via ferratas.

After a walk further up the valley, you reach the basin Grasleitenkessel. Starting from there it is possible to head south towards the mountain pass Grasleitenpass, where the Grasleitenpass hut is located. Heading north you can hike across the Molignon pass to the Tierser Alpl hut and from there over to the col Rosszahnscharte to the mountain plateau Seiser Alm. Heading west through the valley you reach the Bärenloch ravine: One path leads south-west from there through the Tschamintal valley to St. Zyprian, one of the districts of the village Tiers. The one in the north-west leads you to the Schlern, one of the most renowned mountains in South Tyrol.

Experience the history,

in every little detail of the Stube and in every crackle of the fire burning in the stove.

Our hut was built by the section Leipzig of the German and Austrian Alpine Club (DÖAV) in 1887 upon the recommendation of Johann Santner, a famous Tyrolean mountaineer. It is located at 2,165 metres above sea level and opened its doors for the first time on the 9th of September 1887. The municipality of Tiers provided the building ground for free – this was officialised four years later, in 1891, through a donation to the section Leipzig.

The first innkeeper was a woman called Resi, who ran the hut on behalf of the Rosenwirtin, the owner of the inn Rose in Tiers. Resi served her guests not only wine, beer and canned goods, but also fresh meat, which was preserved in the snow outside the hut. 96 guests visited the hut in its first year, 11 of them were women. Right after the construction of the Grasleiten hut, a network of trails and paths was established which led to a boost of tourism in the Rosengarten massif.

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After World War I, the hut was dispossessed by the Italian government and handed over to the section Bergamo of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI). In 1999, the Grasleitenhütte – together with 24 other dispossessed alpine huts – was passed over into the property of the autonomous province South Tyrol. At the end of 2010, the license of administration of the CAI expired. Since 2015, the interests of these 25 huts concerning tenancy, administration and reconstruction are being managed by a joint committee, which consists of the South Tyrolean government, the South Tyrol Alpine Club (AVS) and the CAI.

Opening hours & News

We are expected to open on 16/06/2024

Reservations are only accepted by e-mail to info@grasleitenhuette.com.

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