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The Grasleiten hut is a perfect starting point for many climbing tours, via ferratas and hikes with different levels of difficulty.

One of its unique features is its location far away from the noise of our busy everyday life. There are no cars, no trains, just a pleasant and beautiful trail, which leads to us from the village Tiers. This hike takes three hours starting from an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level to our hut, which is located at 2,165m a.s.l.

If you allow yourself to really dive into this calm and quiet environment, you will be pleasantly surprised by how delightful it is. Therefore, we do not have WI-FI in our hut - but we promise you will find a much better connection to nature without it.


It is possible to live offline for a bit - and sometimes it can make life even more enjoyable.

At our hut, you can enjoy an evening in peace with yourself and the world in a splendid scenery, while philosophizing with the innkeepers about anything and everything and drinking a fresh beer or a good glass of wine – that´s what life is all about!

You will enjoy the unforgettable moments when the evening sun colours the mountainside of the Valbonkante in a fiery red light. An unbelievably beautiful photo motif!


Suggestions for hiking trips

Hiking trip from Tiers to the Grasleiten hut

This is a trail through the beautifully untouched valleys Tschamintal and Grasleitental to the Grasleiten hut in the Rosengarten massif.

Journey: First, you arrive at the district St. Zyprian through the village Tiers by car. Then you head left until you reach a parking area near the hotel Weißlahnbad (approx. 1,150m a.s.l.). From there, you walk into the valley on the unpaved road until you reach the restaurant Tschamin Schwaige (1,173m a.s.l.). From there on, just follow the trail signs to the “Grasleitenhütte” and the path number 3 leading partly upwards, partly continuing on a flat path, passing through the wild and romantic valley until you reach two vast glades, called Erster Leger and Zweiter Leger. From there on you continue towards the back of the valley, where the path turns right to the mark 3a. Continue on this rather steep part of the trail until you arrive at a ridge, then the path briefly leads downwards and finally ends up on a levelled a grassy slope that will take you directly to the Grasleiten hut (2,165m a.s.l.).
Descent: over the described ascent path in 2 - 2.30 hours.

Alternative trail
Across the pass Molignonpass: Starting from the Grasleiten hut, you walk up to a rocky glacier area. At this point, two valleys collide, forming a unique natural spectacle. The right one starts at the Grasleiten pass, the left one at the Molignon pass. On the left, a long, steep way leads across the pass to the Tierser Alpl hut. From there, you can descend through the Bärenloch ravine into the Tschamintal valley down to St. Zyprian. (Duration: from the Grasleiten hut to St. Zyprian: 4.30 hours).

On the highest peak in the Rosengarten massif: the Kesselkogel

For this hike, you start off your walk in the district St. Zyprian continuing through the village Tiers. There, you head left until you reach a parking area near the hotel Weißlahnbad (approx. 1,150m a.s.l.). From there on, you walk into the valley up to the restaurant Tschamin Schwaige (1,173m a.s.l.) and then up the path number 1 until you reach the Grasleiten hut. Here you can eat, rest and spend the night.

Starting from the hut, path number 3a leads through a gravel field to the Grasleiten pass with its mountain hut. There you can find the entry point of the via ferrata. At the end of this secured via ferrata, a horizontal crest stretches to the Kesselkogel summit cross (3,004m a.s.l.) – this path must be walked on with caution, as it is unsecured and requires absolute sure-footedness!

Please note:
The via ferrata Kesselkogel-Klettersteig is of medium difficulty and contains some exposed, steep parts. Therefore, sure-footedness and a head for heights are absolutely required, as well as climbing gear and a helmet.
If you would like to try this via ferrata, please get informed on site about the current conditions and necessities!

Starting point:
Parking area near the hotel Weißlahnbad (approx. 1,150m a.s.l.)

Parking area near the hotel Weißlahnbad (approx. 1,150m a.s.l.) – path number 1 to the Grasleiten hut (2,165 m a.s.l.) – path number 3a to the Grasleitenpass hut (2,601m a.s.l.) – via ferrata to the west to the Kesselkogel and back again.

Path numbers: 1, 3 a
Duration: approx 7 hours
Difference in altitude: 1.831m

Tschager Joch ridge – Grasleitenpass – Tschamin Schwaige

On this trail, you will pass by the following sites: restaurant Frommer Alm - Tschager Joch ridge –Vajolethütte hut - Grasleitenpass hut – Grasleiten hut – restaurant Tschamin Schwaige

By bus (or car), you reach the restaurant Frommer Alm, where you take the ropeway to the Kölner hut.
From there, you hike to the Tschager Joch ridge and walk down to the Vajolet hut. From there on, you walk up to the Grasleitenpass hut (2,601m a.s.l.), where you start your descent across the basin Grasleitenkessel to the Grasleiten hut. There, on 2,165m above sea level, you can take a rest, eat and spend the night.

From the Grasleiten hut you follow path number 3 through the Tschamintal valley until St. Zyprian. If you left your car at the restaurant Frommer Alm, a bus will bring you back there. In the Grasleiten hut, we inform you about its departure times.

Duration: approx. 7 - 8 hours
Difference in altitude: 1.831m



Opening hours & News

The hut will open on the 10th of June!


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